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Camillo Maffia since 2015 has been a member, press aid and collaborator of the radical association Amnistia, Giustizia e Libertà.  Maffia ritaglioHe started collaborating in 2011 with senator Marco Perduca (XVII parliament), UN representative of Nonviolent Radical Party transnational and transparty, and former secretary of the Human Rights Committee of the Senate.
He's been among the promoters of initiatives to report the human rights violations in the Roma camps of Rome, editing articles and reportage with Gianni Carbotti on this issue for Agenzia Radicale, edited by Giuseppe Rippa, and other newspapers. He's the author, along with Gianni Carbotti, of the feature film “Dragan aveva ragione”, presented on a preview in 2014 at the Radical Party, with Marco Pannella and Rita Bernardini, at the Senate of the Republic, thanks to the interest of Luigi Manconi and Marco Perduca, at the Day of Integration organized by Teramo Nostra, with Marco Pannella, Rita Bernardini and Vincenzo Di Nanna, and in prisons. 
The film “Dragan was right” has been handed over as an evidence by Marco Pannella in his report to the public prosecutor's office aganist the town council of Rome for racial discrimination towards Roma and Sinti, supervised by counsel Di Nanna. Besides, it received a plate within the Gianni Di Venanzo International Awards and it's been shown at the European Parliament, on the initiative of Barbara Spinelli, with the presence of Moni Ovadia, guest also to the showings with the Refoundation Communist Party and at the Chamber of Deputies thanks to MP Giovanna Martelli, who introduced as the first signatory a bill aiming at the setting up of a committee of inquiry on the nomad camps issue, which resulted from the film and Pannella's report.
From 2012 he has followed, particularly on Agenzia Radicale, the themes of freedom of religion and belief, with particular attention to the connection between secularity and protection of minority groups. He besides attended the conference organized by SOS Psychological Abuse and ICSA in Trieste in 2013, the conference organized by Soteria International in Copenhagen and the Side Event organized by the same association at the OSCE/ODIHR 2013 meeting.
In 2015 he's among the founders of the European Federation for Freedom of Belief (FOB), where he's a member of the Steering Committee until August 2016. In 2015 he's part of the organizing and scientific committee of the presentation conference of the Federation, which took place in Montecitorio, and he's the host, on Radio Dirittozero, of the trasmission “MAAT – lay law and religious freedom”.