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cross 706904 960 720MUMBAI, India - A Catholic priest in Jharkhand, India, has lodged a complaint to the state governor over attacks on a school and hostel in the state, which has seen a rise of anti-Christian activity. On Sep. 3, a mob of over 500 people armed with a range of weapons attacked St. John Berchmans Inter College and Loyola Adivasi Hostel in Mundli.

“They began to beat up selectively, choosing the Loyola Adivasi hostel boys. Two of them were seriously injured, and due to the timely intervention of the Religious Sisters … their lives were saved. The rest ran for life and took shelter at different places,” wrote Jesuit Father Thomas Kuzhively, the Secretary of St. John Berchmans Inter College, in his Sept. 11 letter.

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