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taj mahal 3384970 640The assertions of world’s largest democracy and secular state are spurned aside, when the people living in the so-called secular state come up with total rejection of such claims through their actions. The plight of minorities in India is now an open secret. India which comprises of different minorities’ including Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and Jains entitles itself as human rights defender but unfortunately the ground realities are quite different and alarming. Definitely one can say that government has given free hand to the policy makers and followers who are least concerned about human values and ethics.

Off and on media reports the condition and misery of minorities living in India. In past incidents like forced conversions to Hinduism with a name of program as Ghar Wapsi, was to counter Love Jihad campaign, inhumane treatment with Dalits considering them as the worst class in India, ban on cow slaughter, killing many Muslims in the name of religion and false allegations of eating beef. So, there is much sectarian hatred in India which is often portrayed in forms of violence and brutality. The extremist organizations are promoting saffronization of India by brain washing youth mind-sets such as making compulsory education of Geeta, Maha Bharat and Hindu literature for Muslims in educational institutions. In past according to report released by Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission immoderations against religious minorities in India is a continuous marvel by using violence and disavowal of constitutional rights as the main tricks by Hindu extremists.

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