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saint benedict 2516519 640The Catholic Civil Rights League has become an unlikely ally of a Jehovah’s Witness congregation in a case coming before the Supreme Court. The CCRL has received intervener status in a matter with religious freedom implications that will address whether the State can overrule voluntary organizations, including religious bodies, in determining who they accept as members.

A congregation of Jehovah Witnesses has been battling in court to preserve its right to expel a member named Randy Wall. He has argued that his removal and consequent shunning has hurt his real estate business. He wants the court to order the congregation to take him back but the congregation believes the matter is beyond judicial jurisdiction. After a lower court and the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled in Wall’s favour, the case will go to the Supreme Court on Nov. 2. It will determine whether the courts have the last word in determining who voluntary associations, whether religious or non-religious, must accept as members.

Cult News 101 - Rights league to intervene in religious freedom case